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Angel Card Workshop in Fredrikstad


August 27, 2018-
September 24, 2018


Welcome to the Angel Card Reading Workshop. In this fun and informative workshop you will learn and practice how to do Angel card readings for yourself and for others. Personal guidance and teaching will be provided by Rometris Davis-Wright who has successfully taught many courses throughout Norway and in the USA. 

It's guaranteed to be a fun time of laughter and strengthening exericises to help you tune into the guidance of our Angels that is readily available to you at anytime. 

Additional valuable tips you will learn are:

- How to do different styles of readings.

- Practice giving readings for yourself and for others

- Find your unique way of tuning into the Angelic realm for guidance and answers

- You will become part of an online community with our private Angel card reading in Fredrikstad Facebook group to stay in touch and share tips and ideas.

EARLY BIRD! Receive a FREE personal Angel card reading with Rometris when paid in full by June 30.

NOTE: Please be sure to bring your favorite Angel card deck, journal and pen. 
The ARCHANGEL ORACLE CARDS in english or norwegian are recommended. Purchase well in advance with Nordens Lys, at your local bookstore or online:

VIDEO: Rometris is interviewed about Angel Therapy--

All are welcome to the workshop and be sure to invite a friend.

The workshop is spoken in very clear english. Norwegian translation available if needed.

August 27
September 3
September 10
September 17
September 24

Angel card class party September 24!


2800,- (for entire workshop)

Smedjegaten 88
1632,Gamle Fredrikstad

***Registration and full deposit before AUGUST 5, 2018

Your deposit of 800,- to account no. 1503. 27. 25535 or Paypal confirms your space in the course and is binding.***


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