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The Art of Listening to the Body - Nordens Lys


TARA står for Tools for Awakening Resources and Awarenes. Metoden er en syntese mellom den gamle, japanske energi-medisinen Jin Shin og moderne kunnskap om stress, sjokk og traumer. Den er skapt av nevropsykolog dr. Stephanie Mines, som vi er så heldige å få på besøk fra USA i august! Du må ha gjennomført grunnleggende TARA-kurs for å kunne nyttiggjøre deg dette avanserte kurset. Stephanie skriver på sin hjemmeside:

Somatic listening is an art you can learn. Health is efficiently restored when the body's messages are heard and understood. By reading the pulses of the Five Elements and evaluating cranial structures and rhythms you can identify core issues and from this identification know what interventions to use. The TARA Approach is returning to Norway August 11-13, 2018 to impart this art.

TARA Approach Certified Teacher and Advanced Practitioner Runa Helmersen has established the TARA Method in Norway. She has been preparing her students for this advanced course for over a year. You can join them in the exquisite Norwegian town of Fredrikstad and share the magic of Nordens Lys, the Northern Light, which is also the name of the lovely clinic in this historic village where the course will be held.

Advanced TARA practitioners see through the veil of symptoms and pierce to the essence of need. The tools in this course enhance this skillfulness alongside another TARA hallmark tool: attuned mirroring in language.

Learn how to read somatic advertisements of need and answer them efficiently. Be more than a healer or healthcare practitioner. Become a mentor by embodying the art of somatic listening.

Tuition: $450USD*

*This price does not include lodging, meals, lodging or transportation. Lodging can be arranged at a nearby hotel (Gamlebyen hotel, is one suggestion). Meal arrangements will be provided along with details about the location of Norden Lys in the picturesque village of Fredrikstad upon registration.

Instruktør: Dr. Stephanie Mines
Sted: Nordens Lys Behandlings- og Kurssenter, Artillerigaarden, Smedjegaten 88, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Pris: US$ 450
Ytterligere info kan du få av Runa Helmersen på mobil 95085446.